Optimism (Poster)

A positive outlook couldn't hurt.

Decision Time!

What would you choose?

Swallow or splash all over your face? Or maybe you're a bit embarrassed and it might be time to try to run away (how well can you run in heels, sissy? :D )...

I felt like we hadn't had enough beautiful nude bodies and beautiful cocks. I'll have to remedy this in the next few days. This is also the first caption in the 2nd person ("you" do stuff); I know they're not everyone's load of cum (to coin a euphemism), but I enjoy them and I hope you do to!

Another Party

The Halloween caption is a classic (maybe even a cliché), but what more can you expect from the only day of the year when any sissy can go out without any societal repercussions?

Maybe it's time to pick another random day where you'll dress to express your inner girl without worrying about what others think? I know of somewhere that recommends January 30th (I guess only the lucky Australian sissies will get the good summer dresses, then).